• 40 Days Prayers & Devotions

    image God wants to do something significant in your life, too. Not only does He long to draw you into closer fellowship with Him—He also wants to minister to others through you. And as you spend 40 amazing days with God, He will prepare you for earth’s final crisis and Christ’s long-anticipated second coming.
  • SB & Earth's Final Events

    image This book unveils Satan's last-day deceptions, presents the true interpretation of biblical last-day prophecies, and reveals the role the baptism of the Holy Spirit and righteousness by faith plays in preparing God's people for earth's final events and Christ's second coming.
  • SB & Righteousness by Faith

    image In this book the message of righteousness by faith given to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1888 by A.T. Jones and E.J. Waggoner is reviewed. In addition, the author makes application of this essential truth to the Christian's life today, which will lead to amazing victories over temptation and sin in the believer's life.
  • SB & Waiting on God

    image In this book, the biblical teaching of waiting on God is presented. we live in a society that doesn't like to wait. Yet, the Bible presents waiting on God as necessary for us to understand and experience in order to know Him intimately, develop Christ's character, be guided by Him, and serve Him.
  • SB & Prayer

    image Prayer is the most powerful force on earth, it moves the arm of God on behalf of His people. In this book the necessity of intercessory prayer for the unsaved and fellow believers and how to become a prayer intercessor is delineated. What it means to pray in the Spirit, persevere, unite and fast in prayer are presented.
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    image This book presents the biblical teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the benefits of receiving this Gift in fullness, and why it is necessary for the Christian to receive this special Spirit infilling in order to become like Jesus.
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Pastor Dennis Smith has written books, given seminars, and preached to thousands on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Because of this emphasis on the Holy Spirit in his ministry Pastor Smith has titled his ministry Holy Spirit Ministries. The goal is to help God’s children better understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in the world. Every book written, every seminar presentation, and every sermon preached is aimed at leading the recipient to better understand and experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit in order to be ready for Christ’s soon return.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit and prayer are essential for every Christian who wants to be used in a powerful way for the Lord. Through the Holy Spirit Jesus lives in the believer to empower them to become just like Jesus, and to minister through them to others. Holy Spirit Ministries’ goal is to help this become a reality in the lives of God’s people. The book, "40 Days - Prayer and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming," was written with this goal in mind. Every devotional presents one aspect of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and leads the participant into a deeper relationship with Christ through prayer.

Besides developing a closer relationship with Christ the baptism of the Holy Spirit is given to empower one's witness for Christ.  To give the Holy Spirit opportunity to do this the "40 Days" devotional encourages the participant to reach out to others through prayer and personal contact.

About Pastor Dennis Smith

Pastor Dennis Smith received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University. While at Colorado State, he became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. After working in engineering for a short time, he felt the call to fulltime ministry. Smith has served the church as an active layman, and in pastoral and departmental positions for over 41 years. He graduated from Andrews University Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree.

In 1999 the Lord led Dennis and his wife, Patty, to begin studying the biblical teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As a result of their study, they were convicted to specifically pray for this biblical experience. Soon after they prayed for God to grant this infilling experience of the Spirit, a new spiritual life began to take hold of them both. Almost immediately Dennis felt led to begin writing about the things he was learning and experiencing.

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